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15 Reasons Why The University Of Kansas Is The Greatest College In The Nation.

The University Of Kansas: “There’s no better place to coach, there’s no better place to go to school, there’s no better place to play." -Coach Larry Brown. By Jenna Jakowatz

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9. Even president Teddy Roosevelt agrees that our chant is the greatest college chant ever.

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Rock Chalk Chant

10. What rivalry?

We are ahead of our in-state rival in football victories by 20 games, and in basketball by 95 wins. (They only have 91 total basketball wins against us, just in case you were wondering.)

12. Which reminds me, we are home to the greatest home court advantage in all of college sports.

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13. There really is no nation like Jayhawk Nation.

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*Before pressing play, your ears have been warned. (We were just a couple decibels short of shattering all the glass in Allen Fieldhouse.)

KU v MU 2012

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