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    • jayg8

      I appreciate the article. For those that aren’t MormonIsuppose it is difficult to see why this perspective would be important. For someone who is descended fromaman that was shot with his own gun and butchered withacorn knife while still alive for being Mormon it is satisfying to know that there is at least some acceptance in this world that was not there before. For all those that seem to think it is necessary to hammer the man and his religion in the aftermath ofadefeat,Isimply say, “why must you tarnish your own humanity in negativity and even outright hate?” There are better ways to live and ultimately the only harm you do is to yourself.
      Ido want to pay tribute to Mitt’s dad foramoment. One of my roomates foratime at BYU was Mitt’s nephew George (named for his grandfather, the former Michigan Governor). This was long before Mitt wasanational name, before the Olympics, before the Governors office in Mass. and before any spoke of the run for the Presidency. George would get up in the morningacouple of timesaweek and head down to the United Way.Ionce asked him what he was doing and he said, “my grandfather taught the entire family to volunteer in the community, it is just what Romney’s do.” Mitt’s dad was an avid champion of volunteerism in America. For those that can’t see that commitment in what ended asabruising campaign,Ihope that you consider that there is something about beingaRomney that transcended politics.Iwitnessed it first hand.

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