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The 9 Best Experimental Bands You're Not Listening To

After you've heard these groups you'll rethink what you normally listen to...

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It's 2015 and it is SUCH a good year for music...


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Judgement from Crowhurst

Crowhurst is an experimental / ambient black metal project that has traditionally been spearheaded by Jay Gambit, but in the past year has evolved to become a full five-piece band. With their feet firmly planted among post-industrial roots, Crowhurst is one of the few projects who have survived a full-on expansion while retaining their experimental integrity.

Despite Crowhurst describing their music as experimental black metal, the ideas the term conveys do the music they produce no justice. The manage to live up to the previous legacy that they established with their noise music in a relatively short existence, while at the same time bringing in nuanced elements of post-black metal, sludge, and psychedelia. The experience is overall very atmospheric and beautiful, yet bleak and harsh all at once.

For Fans Of: Wolvhammer, The Body, Swans

Foie Gras

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Carcass from Innermost Shrine, Heavily Gilded

Have you ever wondered what would happen if 'Loveless'-era My Bloody Valentine continued on down the rabbit hole of dark, reverb drenched tones? Foie Gras' debut is haunting and addictive, unsettling in all of the right places. Drone sections play out less like your standard Sunn 0))) fare and more like bits of Brian Eno's ambient series that have been studied and expanded upon.

For Fans Of: Matt Elliott, Brian Eno, Bjork


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God Damn City from Weeping/Creeping

If you were a teenager between the years of 2007 and 2009, at some point you'd probably heard of HeavyHeavy LowLow. The group's frantic, noise rock influenced brand of hardcore spread like wildfire and the band signed to Ferret Music, releasing two albums and a number of EPs before quietly disappearing. Ever wonder what happened to those guys?

This unclassifiable record (post-punk influenced jazzcore?) record blends all of the best parts of the HHLL sound with a more mature take on the whole approach.

For Fans Of: HeavyHeavyLowLow, Fear Before, Defeater

Good Willsmith

Live at WNUR from Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly

Good Willsmith are a three piece from Chicago that play some of the most beautiful modern experimental psychedelic music currently being produced. Electronic twinklings, sprawling fuzzed out guitar lines, choral vocals that seem to invoke lightness and darkness simultaneously- GWS are a fantastic entry point to any newcomer to modern experimental music.

For Fans Of: Vangelis, Kraftwerk, ('Kid A'-era) Radiohead

Pure Ground

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Sharp Collapse from Daylight

Pure Ground is a group that's quickly forging the chains of being one of the best new synth bands out there. Not quite post-punk in the traditional sense, but still retaining the driving beats and energy- this is what Joy Division would sound like if the group were only allowed to play electronic instruments. The result is beautifully human.

For Fans Of: Martial Canterel, Tropic Of Cancer, Bestial Mouths

Country Death

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Unemployed Drunk Driver from 666

Brutally honest, darkly funny and viciously catchy, the solo project of Brian Kamerer is the type of music that makes you do a double take when you're singing along. Under the CD name, he's released around 38 albums. Some, like 'Anna's Opera' will leave you curled up on the floor laughing hysterically. Others, like 'Maniac' will leave you curled up on the floor weeping silently. This is the type of music that will leave an impact that lingers.

For Fans Of: Neutral Milk Hotel, Soul Coughing, King Missile

Dorian Wood

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La Cara Infinita from Rattle Rattle

Dorian Wood is a powerhouse. Known in the performance art world for his daring and explosive presence and ideas, the debut of his album 'Rattle Rattle' rocked the Los Angeles music scene at the time of it's release with it's baroque pop sensibilities and unparalleled musicianship. Shifting from tracks like La Cara Infinita which couple upbeat music with disturbing lyrics to songs like Pearline which sound like what would happen if Danny Elfman were a member of Pearl Jam, the work of Dorian Wood is as diverse as it is enchanting.

For Fans Of: Tom Waits, David Byrne, The Angels Of Light

Iron Forest

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Treatment from Body Horror

Remember the first time you heard Aphex Twin and you thought "whoa, this is some way out there shit..."- prepare for a whole lot of those moments when you're listening to Iron Forest. Worlds of glitched out, fuzzed out textures are punctuated with grooves that wriggle their way into your head- progressively pounding each hit with precision. This is IDM taken to the next level. With tinges of death industrial, cinematic ambient, doom metal and dub all thrown into the loop, the work of Iron Forest is highly fulfilling.

For Fans Of: Venetian Snares, Vatican Shadow, 65DaysOfStatic

Bugs and Rats

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Love Still Exists from Get That Fucking Light Out Of My Face

In the late 70's, the No-Wave scene rocked New York City throwing the answer to the explosion of New Wave's popularity back in it's face with jarring guitar lines, drum lines that were intense and human, and grinding dirt into a music scene that was perceived by many as sterile and boring. Boston's Bugs and Rats continue this tradition with their brand of crunchy, feedback-laden hardcore that throws the filth of the city into each driving riff and beat.

For Fans Of: The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, DNA, Shellac

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