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    How 8 Indigenous Women Are Reclaiming The Beauty Industry

    "Making connections to help the different communities of color is where we all seem to find a common passion -- besides makeup."

    Although they come from different nations all over Turtle Island, they all want to honor their culture and empower their communities.

    Prados Beauty

    "They're so freaking soft. They're like a teddy-bear soft!"

    -- @labeautygirly07 said about her new 'Pink Lady' 13-piece brush set, pictured above! $28

    At the time of publishing, Prados Beauty is offering free shipping on orders over $30 within the U.S.

    So, why not get a set of luxury mink lashes, too?

    Because Prados Beauty donates 50% of all profits to different organizations and charities in need.

    Bison Star Naturals

    Intertribal Beauty Cosmetics

    "Making connections to help the different communities of color is where we all seem to find a common passion... besides makeup."

    -- Owner of Intertribal Beauty Cosmetics

    Ojibwe Clothing & Cosmetics

    Blended Girl Cosmetics

    Whether you're into glam or softer looks, this Diné makeup brand has different 'gram-worthy palettes to choose from. Even one called 'Skoden'.

    Billiee Beauty

    Vanessa Billie / Via Instagram: @billieebeautymakeupartistry

    Talented makeup artist Vanessa Billie has taken her passion and turned it into a full-on brand. She boasts super-pigmented, unique eyeshadow palettes - like 'Jingle Dancer', $34, featured on Vanessa above

    She's also known for her lip products which come in a wide range of colours and finishes.

    Cheekbone Beauty

    Oh, and she's going to be on this season's premiere of the popular Canadian TV series, CBC Dragon's Den.

    Which is HUGE.

    Ah-Shí Beauty Cosmetics

    They're also the first to drop a luxury skincare line - with products for all skin types:

    These brands may be independently Indigenous-owned and operated; but their products and pretty packages are being photographed by excited customers all over the continent -- every single day.