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    The 14 Hottest Indigenous Celebrities In Canada

    Didn't you know? Stars shine brightest in the North.

    1. Rich Francis

    You may recognize him from season 4 of Top Chef Canada...

    And if you think he's gorgeous, you should see his food:

    2. The Baker Sisters


    Sometimes, they even have special sushi dates with this dude...

    3. Adam Beach

    Next Summer, he'll be starring in this little film called Suicide Squad.

    And he just shot a film called Juliana & The Medicine Fish with this beauty...

    4. Roseanne Supernault

    You may also recognize Roseanne from her roles in Rhymes For Young Ghouls and Maïna.

    5. Michael Redhead-Champagne

    He was recently recognized by TIME for his activism.

    6. Digging Roots

    Can we say ~relationship goals AF~?

    7. Wab Kinew

    Oh! And he recently wrote a book.

    And we're pretty sure he's the Indigenous Superman.

    8. Crystle Lightning

    She forms 1/2 of the hip hop group LightningCloud.

    9. Carey Price

    Translation: He was the best goalie in the NHL last season.

    10. Logan Staats

    And he just happens to be BFFs with the Queen, Buffy St. Marie.

    And Buffy isn't the only beautiful woman he's rubbed elbows with.

    11. Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs

    12. A Tribe Called Red

    One other thing you should know about A Tribe Called Red's performance is this guy...

    13. James Jones

    He also chills with this girl...

    You know, that girl.

    14. Ashley Callingbull-Burnham

    And holds the title of Mrs. Universe 2015, NBD.

    And even if you don't care about 'beauty pageants', you gotta admit...

    She's kinda slaying at this whole "Mrs. Universe" thing.