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The 14 Hottest Indigenous Celebrities In Canada

Didn't you know? Stars shine brightest in the North.

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1. Rich Francis

Instagram: @rf_cuisine

In 2016, Rich will launch a first-of-its-kind restaurant, the 7th Fire Indigenous Grill in Six Nations, Ontario, where "the food is a return movement as well as a journey into the old tradition," he writes.

Rich,Tetlit Gwich’in/Tuscarora, hails from Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories.

You may recognize him from season 4 of Top Chef Canada...

Instagram: @rf_cuisine

... where he won 3rd place!

He's also the first-ever Indigenous contestant on the show.

And if you think he's gorgeous, you should see his food:

Instagram: @rf_cuisine

2. The Baker Sisters

Instagram: @shannonbaker

Shannon Baker & Shauna Baker were raised on the Stellat'en First Nation in British Columbia.

The incredibly talented pair are both well-known models and actresses, usually appearing in films and television shows as a unit.



Instagram: @shaunabaker

After landing several films and a notable role on the TV show Smallville, the Baker Twins were asked to appear on The Tyra Banks Show to talk about stereotypes surrounding Native Americans in Hollywood.

Sometimes, they even have special sushi dates with this dude...

Instagram: @adamrbeach

Which brings us to...

3. Adam Beach

Instagram: @adamrbeach

Adam was raised in the small reserve of Lake Manitoba/Dog Creek First Nation, and now he's a household name.

The Academy Award-nominee has an extensive acting resume, but he's also a film producer.

Last year, he launched The Adam Beach Film Institute, an intensive program for Aboriginal people (especially youth) who are interested in learning about the film industry.


And he just shot a film called Juliana & The Medicine Fish with this beauty...

Instagram: @rsupernault


4. Roseanne Supernault

Instagram: @rsupernault

Roseanne is a Cree/Métis actress from East Prairie, Alberta.

She's best known for her role as Natalie Stoney on the Aboriginal People's Television Network hit show Blackstone.

You may also recognize Roseanne from her roles in Rhymes For Young Ghouls and Maïna.

Instagram: @rsupernault

In 2013, Roseanne recieved the Best Actress Award for her lead performance in "Maïna" at the American Indian Film Festival.

5. Michael Redhead-Champagne

Instagram: @northendmc

Michael is a motivational speaker and activist who grew up in the North End of Winnipeg (hence his nickname "North End MC").

Since founding AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities), Michael has gone on to share his teachings and strategies with Indigenous youth, leaders and educators across Canada.


He was recently recognized by TIME for his activism.

Instagram: @northendmc

Michael is the ONLY person from Canada and the United States to make it on their list of Next Generation Leaders in 2015.

6. Digging Roots

Instagram: @diggingroots

Raven Kanetakta, from Winneway, Quebec, and ShoShona Kish, from Batchewana First Nation, are a husband-and-wife musical duo.

They won a JUNO Award for Aboriginal Album of The Year in 2010, and now, they tour together internationally.

Can we say ~relationship goals AF~?

Instagram: @diggingroots

7. Wab Kinew

Instagram: @wabber

Wab is a hip hop artist, CBC broadcaster, university administrator, journalist, public speaker and Indigenous leader — did you get all that? — who's originally from the Onigaming First Nation.

Yeah, he pretty much does it all.


Oh! And he recently wrote a book.

Instagram: @wabber

Actually, it's not just "a book." It's a best-selling memoir called The Reason You Walk.

And we're pretty sure he's the Indigenous Superman.

Instagram: @wabber

8. Crystle Lightning

Instagram: @crystle_lightning

Crystle is a Cree actress and musician from Alberta.

The girl acts, models, raps AND she's a bad-ass DJ.

She forms 1/2 of the hip hop group LightningCloud.

Instagram: @crystle_lightning

With her significant other MC Redcloud.


9. Carey Price

Instagram: @careyprice_31_

You may know him as just "Price," one of the Montréal Canadiens' best goalies.

Although he grew up mainly in Vancouver, his mom is the former chief of Ulkatcho First Nation.

In 2014, Price played a pivotal role in securing Team Canada's gold medal in Sochi, with a 24-save shutout against Sweden. He also led 3 goal-tending categories in the 2014-2015 season: GAA, Save Percentage and Wins.

Translation: He was the best goalie in the NHL last season.

Instagram: @careyprice_31_

10. Logan Staats

Instagram: @logan_staats

Logan is a Mohawk musician. He was born on Six Nations of The Grand River Territory and raised in the nearby "ghost town" of Brantford, Ontario.

He's the former front member of the band Ghost Town Orchestra, who won Best Rock Album in 2014 at the Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards. Now, Logan's touring for his first solo album Goodbye Goldia.

And he just happens to be BFFs with the Queen, Buffy St. Marie.

Instagram: @logan_staats

Do you have a Buffy selfie on your Instagram? Didn't think so.


And Buffy isn't the only beautiful woman he's rubbed elbows with.

Instagram: @kdeveryjacobs

Although it has yet to be released, he recently shot his music video for "Ash's" with the next star on our list...

11. Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs

Instagram: @kdeveryjacobs

Kawennáhere, or better known as Devery Jacobs, is a Mohawk actress and model from Kahnawake, Quebec.

In 2013, she starred as the lead in Rhymes For Young Ghouls, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. She's appeared on several TV shows, like Stephen King's Dead Zone, Being Human and Mohawk Girls.

Along with Logan Staats' music video, she also starred in A Tribe Called Red's "Sisters" music video.

12. A Tribe Called Red

Instagram: @atcr_band

A Tribe Called Red is comprised of three DJs: Bear Witness (from Cayuga First Nation), Tim "2oolman" Hill (from Six Nations of the Grand River), and Ian "DJ NDN" Campeau (from Nipissing First Nation).

After cleaning up the Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards in 2013, the group went on to win the JUNO Award for Breakthrough Group of The Year in 2014. ATCR now tours internationally, bringing their unique performance to audiences worldwide.

One other thing you should know about A Tribe Called Red's performance is this guy...

Instagram: @jonesdancer



13. James Jones

Instagram: @jonesdancer

James is a Cree professional hoop dancer from the Tall Cree First Nation in Alberta.

He mixes hip hop with traditional hoop dancing to create his own unique style of dance. You may recognize him from season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. James was the first-ever Indigenous person to make it to the finals on the show. Now, he's currently touring with A Tribe Called Red.

14. Ashley Callingbull-Burnham

Instagram: @ashleycallingbull

Ashley is an actress, model, motivational speaker...


And holds the title of Mrs. Universe 2015, NBD.

Instagram: @ashleycallingbull

Not only is she the first Canadian to win the title, she's also the first-ever First Nations woman to wear the crown. How cool is that?*

* Answer: Pretty damn cool.

And even if you don't care about 'beauty pageants', you gotta admit...

She's kinda slaying at this whole "Mrs. Universe" thing.

Instagram: @ashleycallingbull

Just sayin'.