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    10 Weirdest Moments From Canada’s “Body Break”

    These Body Break fitness segments starring Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod will be familiar to any Canadian 90s kid. Looking back now, however, some of the content in them was just downright weird.

    1. Water Bottle Tricep Curls

    2. Lift Your Feet

    3. Deep Breathing

    4. Walking The Dog (FAIL)

    5. Toe Curls

    6. Shopping Side Bends

    7. Shoulder Shrug

    8. Hal’s Honeydew Delight

    9. Airport Stretches

    10. Granny’s Cans

    Bonus. Where Are They Now?

    View this video on YouTube

    Hal and Joanne are married, still run the Body Break organisation, and were on The Amazing Race in 2013 - here’s their audition video:

    Until next time, keep fit, and have fun!