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    8 ways to Easily Save Money Around the Home

    8 simple ways you can save money around your the home during these difficult economic times.

    1. Switch your old lightbulbs to LED bulbs

    Daniel Johnson / Via

    Incandescent light bulbs use up to 10x more electricity than newer CFL or LED bulbs do. There’s a bit of controversy surrounding the chemicals inside compact fluorescent bulbs, so spend a few dollars extra and upgrade your household to LED bulbs. They use far less power to keep running so you’ll save on your electricity bill every month!

    2. Buy a sink filter for your drinking water

    a tap water filter system
    Water Move / Via

    Have you added up how much money you spend on bottled water every month? Invest in a water filter for your kitchen sink, simple carbon or ceramic filters can cost as little as $20-$30 as will save you far more than that in the long run. You’ll be helping the environment too by reducing plastic use! Take a bottle with you to work or for exercise so you don’t need to buy more during you time away from home either.

    3. Ensure your hot water system is the right size

    Brisbane Hot Water Systems / Via

    If the number of people living in your home has recently changed, or you’re constantly running out of hot water during peak times, you might be paying too much for hot water! Different sized units suit different sized households. If you unit is too big you’re paying to heat water you don’t use, all the time! Ensure your hot water system is the right size for your home, and if not - consider installing a new system to save.

    4. Grow your own herbs and veggies

    MHF Blog / Via

    Food is one of the biggest expenses in most households. It doesn’t matter how small or big your space is, add some green space to give your home a more natural look, with the added benefit of saving on your grocery bills. Herbs pots can be place near any natural light, vines such as passionfruit or green beans can be grown along balconies, and if space permits, some leafy green veg can make a great addition to your home, and dinner.

    5. Switch to a thinner bed cover on those summer nights

    Think Pharmacy / Via

    Running air conditioning is an expensive exercise. If you can have the temperature a few degrees warmer while you sleep or even just open the windows and turn the AC off, you’ll save big on your bill. Switch to a thinner blanket – or even sleep with just a sheet – to save big here. The same goes in winter with a thicker blanket so you don’t need to spend so much on heating!

    6. Invest in some insulation

    Statewide Trades / Via

    Speaking of saving money maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home, a bit of insulation can help keep your bills down all year round! You’ll spend less on heating in winter and on cooling in summer. You’ll need to invest a bit upfront to get the insulation installed, but this will pay itself back quite quickly in the money you’ll save on bills.

    7. Maintain your drains and save on plumber fees

    Darren Burns / Via

    Almost all drains will clog up with hair and gunk over time. By pouring some drain cleaner down your kitchen, bathroom and laundry drains every month or two, you’ll prevent these drains blocking up and potentially remove the need for a drain cleaning plumber to visit! Investing in a plunger and learning how to use it is another great way to save on drain cleaning costs!

    8. Make meals with what’s in your fridge

    AOC / Via

    This might sound elementary but people waste a lot of money throwing out old food. Eat your leftovers before they go off (or freeze them), and take note of fruits and vegetables that need to be eaten soon, rather than letting them go bad. If you plan meals around what needs to be eaten, you’ll be less likely to buy things you don’t need and will also save by reducing the food your throw away!

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