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    The Bar Of Stefon's Dreams/Nightmares Is Real

    London’s Artesian at the Langham Hotel was recently named the world's best bar. It sounds like a Stefon fever dream.

    SNL's Stefon was best known for keeping us up to date on New York's hottest clubs

    But it sounds like one of them has come to life.

    The 2014 Tales of the Cocktail named Artesian at the Langham Hotel in London the best cocktail bar in the world. According to them, guests can "order from the new Unfolding and Exploring menu allowing guests to 'unfold' new experiences and 'explore' unusual ingredients." It has EVERYTHING, including:

    "An innovative, circular menu from the same material as a MacBook"

    Museum of Play / Via

    Like a fancy See n' Say

    A cocktail with a garnish that "comes floating above in the form of a large inflated plastic pillow. Once popped eucalyptus scent is released, as well as a small bag containing Guatemalan worry dolls."

    The Worry Depository / Via

    Unclear if these are yours to keep.

    Another drink that's "served over a single ice ball in a tumbler which is placed on top of an inflated panda-head-lantern."

    Cutearoo / Via

    A drink "themed around the aging portrait of Dorian Gray"

    Fanpop / Via

    Served behind a mirror so the drinker is confronted with their own image, which sounds terrifying.

    A Single Plum Floating in Perfume Served in a Man's Hat

    Minus Manhattan / Via

    Oh wait that was The Simpsons

    Don't lie, if you heart Stefon saying any of those things you'd totally think it was fake

    Doozyfab / Via

    Anyway when are we going?