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    Ten Questions "Nana" Fans Worldwide Hope Ai Yazawa Will Answer In 2016

    When Ai Yazawa (known largely for her best-selling manga, Paradise Kiss ) fell ill in June of 2009, her award-winning manga of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, Nana, was placed on indefinite hiatus, and for over six years, fans around the world have patiently waited for any hint that the series would resume once more. With the release of the series' newest calendar comes the hope that Nana resumes in 2016, and finally sheds a little light on the questions fans have been left to ponder for over six, long years:

    1. Why Did Nana Osaki Leave?

    2. Nobu or Takumi: Who Fathered Ren (Ichinose)?

    3. Is Satsuki the Daughter of Hachi and Takumi...Or Is She the Daughter of Nana O. and Her (late) fiance, Ren Honjo?

    4. What Happened To Nobu and Asami?

    5. And What Becomes Of Shin and Layla (Reira)'s (#fiftyshadesofillegal) Relationship?

    6. Why Did Takumi Really Move To London and Why Did He Take Ren (Jr)?

    7. WTF Is Reira Doing In London?

    8. Did Nana Osaki's Mother, Misuzu, Ever Contact Her?

    9. What Was Ren's Final Birthday Present To Nana?

    10. Will Nana Osaki Ever Return To Apartment 707?