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    • Jawsssss

      @rachelh451dd2ec5 is very confused about what Mormons believe. What is with this random age of 13 you chose? Your comments are unfounded and incorrect (entirely). Whatever slipshod website you got that off of was made by some anti-Mormon person that will put anything out there for you to be anti-Mormon too. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet and MOST DEFINITELY don’t repeat anything you read like it’s a fact. You look uneducated and gullible.  I know plenty of Mormons and as a non-Mormon western religions PhD, I can promise you that what you wrote holds no ground. Yes, I have met some awkward Mormons, but of all of the highly religious people I have met during my research, Mormons were always the most sincere and sweet.  Also! “Just as bad as Muslims when it comes to women”?!?!? You just like to write out heavy hitting sentences, don’t you? Well, once again you are totally lacking any form of education on what you are writing about. The internet is not a forum that simply allows you to have an opinion because you can. Educate yourself before you influence others. You clearly have ZERO understanding of the plight of Muslim women. Gah! It infuriates me that people like you are capable of having your “ideas” and “opinions” viewed by others in forums like this.  Let people be! A gay person doesn’t want someone telling them that they are crazy or broken. A feminist doesn’t want anybody telling them that they are too radical or obtuse. Mormons don’t want you telling them that they are sexist or misguided. And Muslims don’t want your opinion about women’s rights.  Be ok with others that are simply living their lives as they see fit. (This includes Muslim and Mormon women, an OVERWHELMING majority of which are satisfied with their religion and life choices).

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