A Typical Day For A Teenage Boy In The Late 90’s

AOL, bad fashion, and good TV.

1. Wake up to an awesome ringtone on your Nokia…

Three ringtones to choose from.

2. …and play a quick game of snake.

We are talking Snake 1, not Snake 2.

3. Style you hair with a bucket of DEP.

L.A. Looks and Sun In were also compelling choices.

4. Slip into your JNCO’s

Girbaud’s, Guess, and PEPE jeans were for the more stylish days.

5. Top it off with a sick Tommy Hilfiger polo…

6. …lace up those high tops…

7. …and eat some French Toast Crunch.

8. Then spray yourself with some CK One before you leave the house.

Unisex so you could share it with your sister.

9. Say hello to your friends at school, and immediately start talking about who will win the homerun race…

Years later steroids would ruin everything.

10. Or discuss the latest episode of X-Files.

11. Stare at the picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt in your locker.

Right next to your picture of Jenny McCarthy.

12. Catch Channel 1 News during first period .

13. Then practice keyboarding on your cutting edge iMAC in computer class.

Way better then the Compaq you had at home.

14. Ask your best friend to check his beeper, and see how much time was left until lunch.

No, he’s not a drug dealer.

15. Pizza is being served, along with a 12oz Surge.

R.I.P. Surge. It no longer exists.

16. Listen to Usher, Foo Fighters, Offspring, or Kid Rock on you discman in between classes to get through the day.

Skip protection was a must when jamming Beck, Nirvana, Bush, Master P, and Jay-Z.

18. sit on your inflatable couch,

Don’t sweat on it. You may get stuck to it.

19. and play Golden Eye 007 on your N64.

Split screen it with your friends.

20. Catch TRL for your favorite music videos.

Bevis and Butthead get an honorable mention.

21. Log on to AOL

Which was accompanied by horrible modem noises.

22. to chat it up with strangers…

A/S/L, be careful how you answer that.

23. Or use Netscape Navigator to surf Geocities websites.

The website layouts were headache inducing.

24. Feed your Tamagotchi pet one more time…

You don’t want it to starve.

25. Then turn off your lava lamp, and call it a night.

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