40 Signs You Grew Up Eating Southern Food

Food so good you ate ‘til you were full as a tick on a hound dog.

1. You get overly excited at the start of crawfish season.

Cartoon Network / Via gamemoir.com

2. After all, it’s heaven for you.

3. And it’s a great opportunity to bring people together!

4. Sweetened is the only way you’ll have your tea.

5. In a mason jar, of course.

6. Grits are one of your breakfast staples.

7. You know Big Red is amazing on a hot summer day.

And it comes in more flavors then you think.

8. Finding this little guy meant you had to buy the king cake next year.

And good luck!

9. If you lived along the coast you knew that fresh seafood is infinitely better than anything frozen.

10. You’ve ended many a late night at The Waffle House.

11. Gator meat does not gross you out at all.

It’s actually delicious.

12. This mantra rings true with a lot of people you know.

13. You agree that Fried Green Tomatoes is an excellent dish, book, and movie.

14. You’ve enjoyed Tabasco sauce since birth.

And probably put it on everything.

15. Your favorite sweets consist of beignets…

16. …peach cobbler…

17. …and bananas Foster.

Among others.

Disney / Via sodahead.com -

Yea for desserts!

18. Duke’s is the only type of mayonnaise you’ll ever use.

19. You are are really passionate about regional BBQ, whether it be Memphis-style or St. Louis ribs….

20. …Texas brisket…

21. …or North Carolina pulled pork.

If you’re from North Carolina, you know there’s a big difference between Lexington-style and Eastern-style.

There is no shame in your BBQ game!

22. You loved coming home to your mom’s chicken and dumplings.

23. Pecan pie was always present at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

24. You know that real Brunswick stew includes squirrel meat.

25. Fried chicken from a chain doesn’t hold a candle to the homemade variety.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via blog.muchmusic.com

That’s a fact!

26. Black eyed peas and greens was your New Year’s Day meal.

27. Shrimp and grits reminds you of Christmas as well.

28. You’ve pulled over on a road trip to buy boiled peanuts.

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29. You been to a wedding with a charm cake.

30. As far as you’re concerned, catfish and hush puppies are the real dynamic duo.

31. Some of your favorite appetizers are cheese straws…

32. …deviled eggs…

33. …and, of course, pimento cheese.

34. Cornbread is a staple of your diet.

35. But nothing beats chicken and waffles!

36. You realize that red beans and rice is an entire meal, and not just a side dish.

37. Your preferred method of eating biscuits is smothered with gravy.

Or with sorghum.

38. It’s a fact that Southern cuisine wouldn’t be the same without Cajun food.

Gumbo, jambalaya, po boys. muffuletta sandwiches, and boudain sausage to name a few items.

Castle Rock Entertainment / Via tumblr.com

40. Yeah, you know it’s true.

So eat up!

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