33 Signs You Live In Austin

One of the best little cities in Texas

1. Traffic on 35 and MOPAC really gets on your nerves

2. If you live close to downtown you own a scooter, kayak, or bicyle

Maybe even all three

3. You hate the fact that SXSW takes over downtown down in March

but you love all the free shows, and would do anything for an all access pass

4. At least one of your freinds has a CAR2GO account

5. You have a love/hate relationship with the formula one race track, and the people it attracts

Mostly hate

6. You’ve unintentionally been at the South Congress Bridge when the bats came out

7. After a certain age Dirty 6th gets old. You prefer West 6th, Rainey, or pretty much anywhere but the dirty

Lets face it. It’s full of tourists and rachets

8. You go to The Domain just to window shop


9. Choosing between Franklin’s and Salt Lick is like choosing between which child you love more

You love them both equally

10. A Don Juan from Juan in a Million is the best and cheapest hangover cure (even though the wait is crazy on the weekends)

11. Leslie was considered an Austin icon and is truly missed

R.I.P. Leslie

12. You avoided downtown and Highland Park Mall like the plague during Texas Relays Weekend

13. You knew Barton Springs was the best way to cool off on a hot summer day

You may see people in various stages of partial nudity

14. Whether you went to UT or not OU still sucks

15. You really really don’t want people to move here

16. Cedar fever is the worst thing ever

January - February are unbearable

17. You’ve taken a date to The Oasis on Lake Travis

Great view

18. People take their pets everywhere and you love it

Dog parks everywhere

19. Hipsters and homeless are very similar yet very different, but you somtimes have trouble telling them apart

Austin has plenty of both

20. You get super stoked every year for the announcement of the ACL lineup

3 day passes never last long

21. However, you feel it is getting a little too big

Two weekends long now!

22. You know that Reggae Fest is a stoner’s paradise

and police looked the other way

23. You go to Hippie Hollow expecting to see aging nudists

24. You have mixed feelings on the gentrification of the East Side

25. Blues on the Green is hot, overcrowded, and you spent most of the time drinking but you never missed a concert

Did we mention its free

26. Going to the Whole Foods flagship store is an ordeal, but it offers a diverse cross section of Austin people

They also have food although it is kind of pricey (Whole Paycheck)

27. You didn’t trust Lance Armstrong even before the scandal

Tis tis

28. You wish you could live in a swanky apartment downtown, but it would cost most of your paycheck

The Austonian

29. Exercise consisted of walking, running, biking, canoeing, rowing, paddle boarding or doing anything on or around Lady Bird Lake

30. You have had an interesting tipsy conversation with pedicab driver

31. You know of a food truck for every single type of food

32. You have a cliché pic at Mt. Bonell, the 360 Bridge, the “Hi, how are you?” frog, and/or “i love you so much” at Joe’s Coffee

33. All in all you love this city and wouldn’t change it for the world

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