30 Telltale Signs You’re From Houston

Quite possibly the greatest city in America.

1. The majority of your life has been spent waiting in traffic

It takes you 30 minutes to travel 5 miles

2. The Houstonian speed limit is 80, and no one stops at yellow lights

If you go under 80 EVERYONE is going to pass you!

4. You’ve seen one of the Texans or Rockets partying in Mid-town

J.J. Watt

5. Somone in your house owns a vintage Astros, Rockets, or Oilers jersey

Sometimes all three

6. No matter where you’re going you’ll usually end up on Westheimer

Thanks Houston memes!!!

7. You have no idea what they are doing with the Astrodome

8. The Galleria is always packed, but you still go and consider it the best mall ever

9. You tune into Chopped and Screwed Sundays on 97.9 The Box

R.I.P. DJ Screw

10. Free Press Summer Fest was hot, expensive, and overcrowded but you still loved it

11. You respected the power of hurricanes and heeded warnings. That is why you evacuated eventhough it sucked

12. Cook-offs, concerts, carnivals, livestock, cowboys, and trial rides made rodeo month the best month of the year

Just avoid south 610 at all costs

13. You went to Rich’s and were well under the age of 18

Teen night

14. You have only been to NASA once, and it was on a school field trip or space camp

15. You consider yourself a country boy/girl… Even though you grew up in the 4th largest city in the U.S.

Kind of hard to be country when you live in River Oaks.

16. You probably know at least one millionaire.

Oil money, man.

17. You hate anything and everything about Dallas

18. You get offended when people say that Galveston is ghetto.

19. You have referred to Houston as one of these nicknames at some point: Clutch City, Bayou City, H-town, Magnolia City, Screwston, Hustletown, and the City of Syrup

Houston hasn’t been clutch for a while. Thanks to Hakeem the Dream, Cassell Can Sell, and Clyde the Guide.

20. You lived within a mile of a Fiesta, 99 Ranch Market, or Kroger (culinary and ethnic diversity at its finest)

H-E-B and Randall’s count as well

21. The highways have been under construction as long as you’ve been alive

22. It’s pretty much summer year round so…..

The only seasons are summer and Christmas.

23. 90 degrees with 90% humidity is still not considered that hot

It’s also a “good” hair day

24. You consider youself a little hood even though the Third Ward scares you at night

25. You have opinions on the best Tex-Mex, Cajun, Asian, and BBQ food in the city

and you could easily have all of them in one day

26. “Y’all” is a big part of your vocabulary

This is not just a Houston thing

27. You probably don’t actually live in Houston, but one of its many suburbs

28. Bussiness and politics are conducted wearing boots

Blame it all on my roots I showed up in boots.

29. It makes you happy that a lot of major publications are proclaming Houston as an one of the top cities in the U.S.

#1 City for economic growth
#1 City for young adults all according to Forbes

30. They now know what you’ve known all along. Houston is the place to, and nothing can be done to hide your pride!!!

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