30 Awesome Celebrity One Line Rhymes

Now you’re talkin’, Christopher Walken.

1. Great performance, Jennifer Lawrence.

E! / Via celebuzz.com

2. Ring the bell, Dave Chapelle.

Comedy Central / Via rebloggy.com

3. Good Shit, Brad Pitt.

Touchstone Pictures / Via replygifs.com

4. There you go, Marilyn Monroe.

5. See ya later, Christian Slater.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via quoteko.com

6. Why so soon, Kim Jong Un?

7. I don’t get it, Joseph Gordon Levitt.

8. Nice catch, Benedict Cumberbatch.

BBC / Via mashable.com

9. What the hell, Kristin Bell.

10. Oh good lord, Harrison Ford.

Lucas Films / Via blackhawkup.com

11. What the hell, Johnny Manziel.

ESPN / Via sportingnews.com

12. This is good, Elijah Wood.

13. You’re the man, Jackie Chan.

14. Clear the pathaway, Anne Hathaway.

15. Keep it clean, Charlie Sheen.

Touchstone Pictures / Via gifsfromgod.tumblr.com

16. Be my lover, Donald Glover.

17. That’s quite a tale, Christian Bale.

18. What’s bumpin’, Kate Upton.

19. You left me hurtin’, LeVar Burton.

20. Don’t go home, Emma Stone.

21. I’ll be damned, Jon Hamm.

22. I plead the fifth, Taylor Swift.

23. Bring the action, Samuel L. Jackson.

24. Bitches be trippin’, Merry and Pippin.

New Line Cinema / Via l-o-t-r.tumblr.com

25. Great shoes, Tom Cruise.

Paramont Pictures / Via mashable.com -

26. Don’t be a pig, Kristen Wiig.

NBC / Via giphy.com

27. Get off the stage, Nicholas Cage.

Paramont Pictures / Via .taringa.net

28. Give it a rest, Kanye West!

29. Out of sight, Walter White.

AMC / Via crushable.com

30. Now you’re talkin’, Christopher Walken.

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