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    30 Reasons Whataburger Is The Best Thing Ever

    Sorry, In-N-Out, but nothing beats Whataburger.

    1. The burgers are always as good as advertised.

    2. Their menu has so much variety.

    3. They have parking for horses.

    4. And a horse friendly drive thru.

    5. Their ketchup is so good it's sold in grocery stores now.

    6. Because few things are better then an A.1. Thick and hearty.

    7. They allow you to get unlimitied ketchup.

    8. Because the What-A-Guy is a mascot for the people.

    9. You can have as many patties as you want.

    10. Because the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit can be had for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    11. The numbers are iconic.

    12. All their shakes are huge, thick, and rich.

    13. The trademark stickers let you know exactly what you're getting.

    14. There are currently 36,864 different ways to enjoy a Whataburger.

    15. Most of the restaurants still maintain their original A-frame design.

    16. They offer various specialty burgers throughout the year.

    17. The uniforms have come a long way over the years, but that Whataburger orange is still instantly recognizable.

    18. The fries are amazing and are always freshly made.

    19. Because the commercials have the best narration ever.

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    20. They even have Whataburger swag.

    21. The taquitos are probably the best breakfast food ever!!!

    22. Along with the Breakfast on a Bun (B.O.B.).

    23. The recipe for greatness hasn't ever changed.

    24. It's a hallmark of true love.

    25. It's a regional favorite.

    26. You can literally get Texas toast with anything.

    27. Drive thrus are open 24/7.

    28. The love for Whataburger spans generations.

    29. They always remind you not to litter.

    30. Because this is not only a beacon of hope, but a stop sign.