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26 Signs Your Metabolism Isn't What It Used To Be

If only eating had zero consequences.

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1. Exercise is now agonizing.

2. Oh, and running is definitely out of the question.

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3. You feel so drained all of the time.

4. You need a ton of coffee to get through the day.

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5. Or maybe even an energy drink just so you won't feel so old.

6. Once you get home you're too lazy to do anything.

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7. No really, you're very lazy.

8. You've somehow managed to gain the Freshmen 15...

9. ...and the Post Grad 30.

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10. It seems like just looking at food causes you to gain weight.

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11. You have attempted to eat healthy...


12. ...but it's a lot harder then it looks.


13. You've skipped over meals just to consume the important stuff.

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14. You've even attempted to give up bread.

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"Attempted" being the key word.

15. Your stance towards calories has become very aggressive.

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16. You've even found yourself passing on tasty treats.

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17. Dessert isn't as fun as it use to be.

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If you still even eat dessert.

18. It now takes so much effort just to maintain.

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19. Your body has taken on a different shape.

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Round. Definitely more round.

20. None of your old clothes seem to fit.

21. You've gone through extreme efforts to conceal your new body.

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22. You wouldn't dare go anywhere without a shirt.


23. Even though your physique is not what it use to be...

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24. ...and you can't eat the way you once did...

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25.'s ok — you've developed an appreciation for your new body.

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26. And you love the way you look.

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