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26 Reasons You Were Not A Gym Class Hero

If you had to run for your life you'd probably die.

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1. You hand-eye coordination was lacking.

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2. And your feet weren't much better.

3. You somehow were that kid who always got hurt.

4. Distractions were everywhere.

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5. Needless to say your reaction time was a little...slow.

6. So getting pegged in the head was the norm.

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7. Your P.E. coach was a complete douche.

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C'mon, man!

8. And you thought it was weird when they covered sex ed during P.E.

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9. You hated that one person that treated everything like it was the Olympics.

10. They always made you look bad.

11. You seemed awkward exercising next to the other kids.


12. And there were some activities you flat-out couldn't do.

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13. Dodgeball was literally your worst nightmare.


14. Whenever you even attempted to exercise something always went wrong.

15. Running was not your thing.

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16. It as felt as if you were moving way faster then you actually were...

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17. In fact, it was so difficult you created your own version.

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18. Even the slightest amount of physical activitiy left you sore for days.

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19. And whenever you attempted a gutsy move something always went wrong.

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20. Technique never was one of your strong suits.

21. And the smell of Axe in the boy's locker room still haunts you.

22. This was the only day you looked forward to.


23. You were almost always picked last.

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24. Which of course sucked unless it was the Hunger Games.

25. It's OK because somehow you survived.

26. And managed to become a fit and athletic adult.

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