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    24 Unethical But Extremly Useful Life Hacks

    Sometimes you have to bend the rules to make things go your way. From this Ask Reddit thread.

    1. Calling into work.


    Don't call into work "sick". Call in saying that you have "family problems". That's the end of the discussion.

    2. How to size up the competition.

    3. Free hotel rooms.

    4. Getting discounts at Target.

    5. On the public transportation..

    6. Getting an interview.

    7. Free windshield repair.

    8. Easliy getting a cab.

    9. Meeting up with someone.

    10. Getting other people to do the work for you.

    11. Unlimited free refills.

    12. Parking.

    13. Lines at Disneyland.

    14. Buying produce.

    15. Getting people to read a post.

    16. College textbooks.

    17. Sexy time.

    18. Make things go your way.

    19. Craigslist bargaining.

    20. Free phone chargers.

    21. Extra Big Macs

    22. Study guide ponzi scheme.

    23. When you're running late.

    24. Look away.