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    25 Signs You Grew Up In The Rio Grande Valley

    Not quite Texas, but not quite Mexico

    1. You know the difference between 83 and Old 83

    You know the difference between 83 and Old 83

    2. You had a favorite raspa stand, and were very passionate about it

    3. You've been to more quinceaneras then you care to remember

    4. Sprinting outside when you heard on of these was the norm

    5. You start and end your sentences with guey, but are still not sure on the spelling. (buey,gueay, wey....)

    6. You always called SPI "The Island", and went to Spring Break....but drove back home the same night

    7. Tailgates were works of art

    8. .....

    9. Eating nothing but tamales from Thanksgiving to New Years Day was normal

    10. You always assumed Tim was lying about the weather

    11. Partying in Mexico used to be so much fun

    12. but you wouldn't dare party there now

    13. That won't stop you from making a day trip

    14. because the street tacos are actually made on the street

    Man are they delicious

    15. You have purchased fruit from one of these at least once

    Cash only

    16. People drive around in brand new Escalades, but still pay for their groceries with LoneStar

    17. Saving up all year for the Stock Show was worth every penny

    Turkey legs are not cheap

    18. Having a huge family was normal

    19. Going to H-E-B was a mini class reunion

    20. Where people wore thier lettermen jacket's well after high school

    21. Because high school football is religion here

    22. And you knew hearing Nifu-Nifa meant your team got shut out :/

    23. You couldn't wait to get outta there

    24. But you ended up missing the uniquness of this place

    25. Because no matter what this land of a million palm trees will always be home

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