23 Things That Suck About Living In A Small Town In Rural America

Everybody knows everybody. That can be a good and bad thing.

1. No cell phone signal anywhere, anytime, ever.

And you had to go home to and call someone off a land line.

2. And forget getting decent reception on cable TV.

If cable was even available in your area.

3. You only have one chain restaurant in town and it’s probably a Dairy Queen.

McDonald’s or Burger King would be a serious upgrade.

4. The local “news” is less than exciting.

5. Dating options are limited.

6. This is the biggest store in town.

7. When you venture in to a city no one seems to understand your country lingo.

8. Having to drive the next county over to get beer because yours is “dry.”

“We don’t sell alcochol on Sundays, or any other day for that matter.”

9. You town only had one barber, doctor, post office, or dentist.

If your town was lucky enough to have all of those.

10. Some of your friends on views various issues are a little outdated.

And maybe just a tad bit offensive.

11. You had to check someone’s extended family history before dating them.

12. You are always referred to by adults as [your father’s or mother’s name’s] boy/girl.

“Oh, you’re Rob Johnson’s boy.”

13. Football games were your only social option on a Friday night.

But you loved it!!!

14. You literally have to drive everywhere.

The nearest…..anything is at least 5 miles.

15. Nothing is…..

So good luck satisfying that 2:30 am food craving.

16. Rumors, hearsay, and gossip travel faster than lighting.

17. No local police department meant the local sheriffs took their jobs way too seriously.

18. Cruising was a the go-to social event for teens.

19. Along with loitering.

Lots of loitering.

20. Distance to a major city was measured in hours.

21. Going shopping meant driving at least 30 minutes to Walmart in the next town over.

22. Telling someone where you’re from is next to impossible.

“It’s about 4 1/2 hours Northwest of New Orleans.”

23. No matter how much you thought it sucked you really missed it once you left.

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