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23 Signs Your Ready To Go Back To School From Winter Break.

The boredom is so bad you actually miss going to class....Well almost.

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1. You have decimated your parents pantry and fridge.

2. Every single night is a mini high school reunion.

3. In fact you can't go anywhere without seeing someone you went to school with. / Via

Some of them you don't want to see.

4. You are terrified your mom will find your condoms, cigarettes, or empty beer cans. / Via

She'll still manage to find them no matter what you do.

5. You are in the habit of going to sleep as your parents are getting up for the day. / Via

6am is a normal time to go to bed.

6. Your parents still try to enforce a curfew. / Via

They aren't RA's.

7. Every other night you're hitting up the Red Box.

8. You have to hide the fact that you smoke from your parents. / Via

Whether it's cigarettes or weed.

9. You've completed a couple of TV series on Netflix.

10. None of the fast food joints in your hometown are open late.

What are you going to do about late night munchies? / Via

What are you going to do about late night munchies?

11. If you hook up with anyone it can't be at your house.

12. Older siblings try to lecture you.

13. And your younger siblings annoy you.

14. In fact everyone in your house is getting on your nerves.

15. Your still expected to do chores. / Via

It's like your 13 again.

16. Going to church with the family hungover is not all its cracked up to be.

Try not to fall asleep. / Via

Try not to fall asleep.

17. You friends from back home are not as fun as your friends at school.

18. You are actually starting to miss classes. / Via

Well not really.

19. You are tired of answering the question "How's school going?" / Via

"What's your major? Are you still dating so and so?"

20. Daytime talk shows are really staring to annoy you.

21. You find it depressing that some of the hottest people from high school are getting fat. / Via

The Freshman 15 is real.

22. It's getting more difficult to explain your grades to your parents.

23. You just really miss your college friends.


Because college is awesome!! Enjoy it while you can.

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