23 Signs You Love Latin Food

“Yes, I know guac is extra!”

1. You drown everything in queso.

“Queso” is Spanish for “nectar of the gods.”

2. You think Chipotle is healthly food option.

“I only got extra cheese, sour cream, and guac. So it can’t be that bad.”

3. Tamales are appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the holidays.

Thanksgiving = tamales
Chirtmas = tamales
NYE = tamales

4. And nobody ever just makes a “few.”

One tamalada can feed a family for weeks.

5. You put Cholula or Tapatio sauce on everything.

6. You know Mexican Coke with actual sugar is way better then regular Coke.

“Mexican coke. It’s not what you think it is.”

7. You consider guacamole to be the most heavenly of add ons.

8. And you hate the fact that it costs more.

9. You know street tacos are the best tacos.

10. Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos Locos literally changed your life.

Sometimes you ended up just eating the shell.

11. Bimbo is your version of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

And not a derogatory term for women .

12. You can do a million things with Tapioca.

13. You will starve yourself all day just to feast at a churrascaria.

Food coma ensues.

14. Chips and salsa are your ideal appetizer.

“Could we get more chips?”

15. And when you hear “salsa”, dancing is not the first thing to comes to mind.

16. This is your ideal after church meal.

The perfect dish for Sunday Funday!

17. You believe that tacos should be its own food group.

18. Taco Bell drive-thru was your go to choice anytime after 2 A.M.

The fourth meal is an actual thing.

19. You can never have just one platano.

Plantains are good for you, so it’s OK to eat 13.

20. Ceviche is syour preferred seafood dish.

21. And you may or may not have purchased it from the back of someone’s van.

Seems legit.

22. You know that empanadas/pastels can be filled with anything.

Sorry Pop Tarts.

23. In spite of the consequences you can’t stop eating Latin cuisine.

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