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23 Conversations Every Dog Owner Has Had With Their Pet

"Dammit not on the carpet!"

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1. "You have to be the laziest dog in the world!"

2. "Get — get out of there now!"

3. "Catch, boy!"

4. "I thought dogs were suppose to be smart?" / Via

This dog is just very obedient.

5. "Your farts smell so bad!"

Well what do you expect?

Well what do you expect?

6. Why are you such a picky eater?


7. "I don't understand why you like doing that so much."

8. "You look guilty. What did you do?!"

9. "Don't put your head in — DAMMIT!!"

10. How do you manage to get so dirty so fast?


11. "Dammit, not on the carpet!"

12. How can you literally chase your tail all day?

13. "I'd really wish you would stop doing that."

14. "Why do you do that, and then lick my face immediately afterward?"

15. "How the hell did you manage to get stuck there?"

16. "NO! Stop begging."


17. What the hell are you barking at?


18. "No tricks, no treats."

19. "This is why we can't have nice things."

20. "Sometimes I swear you are human."


21. "Get down from there this instant!"

22. "I don't know how you can piss so much?"


It never runs out.

23. "NOOO!!!"

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