22 Things People With Oily Skin Will Totally Understand

Dry, oily skin? Aren’t those opposites?

1. Your skin is super oily most of the year.

AP/Alexandre Meneghini

2. Yet somehow dry and ashy at the same time.

Especially during winter.

3. It makes absolutely no sense to you.

4. Keeping oil in check takes a ton of maintenance.

Via Lions GAtes FIlm

5. You constantly carry around wet wipes.

6. And you’ve always felt as if your pores are huge.

Paramount Pictures / Via thecollegeprimp.wordpress.com

7. The urge to wash your face is constant.

8. So is the urge to touch it.

Even though it’s not good for you.

9. You’ve always struggled with zits and acne.

Global HD / Via giphy.com

10. They are always so gross to pop.

Fox / Via gifpal.com

11. And they seem spring up right before something important.

Nikeleodeon / Via im-ready-im-ready.tumblr.com

Dates, weddings, interviews.

12. It’s almost like you’ll never grow out of it.

13. You were probably taunted with horrible nicknames like “pizza face” as a teenager.

Nickelodeon / Via thedarkcave.org

14. Your medicine cabinet mostly consists of skin care products.

15. And they all have that “for oily skin” distinction.

16. It makes no sense that you still have to moisturize.

17. But you still have lotion with you at all times.

New Line Cinema / Via huffingtonpost.com

18. You’ve literally have tried every method of skin care.

Bluw Wolf Productions / Via collegetimes.com

19. But no matter what your face always feels dirty.

20. You have your dermatologist on speed dial just in case.

21. And you always take their advice to heart.

22. But not matter what you still have that non-stop shine.

Oh, well. It could be worse.

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