22 Signs You Are NOT A Morning Person

Anytime before noon is way too early. Morning people are weird.

1. The snooze button is your best friend.

2. Mutiple alarms are required to wake you up.

3. But even then you will still go back to sleep.

4. It takes alternate methods to make you rise and shine.

5. Waking up before 12 is considered early.

6. And if you do it’s quite an accomplishment.

7. The sounds of the morning drive you insane.

Birds, garbage trucks, coffee brewing, and commuters

8. In fact the thought of morning terrifies you.

9. Your brain can’t even function that early.

10. You wouldn’t dream of exercising in the A.M.

12. Besides you need your beauty sleep.

13. And you get all your important work done at night.

14. Someone calling you before 11 is just plain rude.

15. You are terrible at making breakfast.

16. In fact you need several cups of coffee just to function.

17. Morning meetings are the worst thing in the world.

18. And you think the happy morning people at work are weird.

19. Talking to anyone before noon is a no go.

20. Your morning friends never go out at night with you.

In fact they think you’re a party animal.

21. Binge watching Netflix until 6 a.m. is one of your hobbies.

22. You don’t actually hate morning people, you just don’t know how they do it.

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