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21 Stages Of Having A Shoe Addiction

If the shoe fits (and it better).

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1. It started innocently enough with that solitary pair.

2. But soon you had to have more and more.

3. Then the addiction takes hold.

4. Excitement hits you when you're around them.

Macklemore LLC. / Via

Oh, what joy!

5. You're basically on a first-name basis with the staff in the shoe department.

FOX / Via

6. And when it comes to the perfect pair, price is no object.

Cash Money Records / Via

"I'll just put off the surgery and buy these sexy heels."

7. You even debated between paying the rent or hitting up that sale at Saks.


Challenging thoughts.

8. And then that one time you went completely overboard.

9. You hoard all the ones you can get your hands on.

CBS / Via

Swimming in happiness.

10. And you have so many don't even know what to do with them.

11. A wave of panic usually rushes over you when you can't decide which pair to wear.

Bravo / Via

Cue anxiety attack.

12. Seriously, decisions like this are hard to make.

13. And your friends tell you that you have way too many pairs.

14. They might have even tried to stage an intervention.

Island Records / Via


15. Because everyone knows the effect they have on you is hypnotizing.

16. And the need for more drives you nuts at times.

2929 productions / Via

17. Because when you find the perfect shoe it's all worth it.

Disney / Via

18. Cause boots were made for walking.

19. And having a few pairs couldn't hurt.

MTV / Via

One, two, or several hundred.

20. Besides, there are way worse things you could be addicted to.

Comedy Central / Via

21. So embrace it. There's no shame in admitting that shoes are the key to your heart.

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