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    21 Signs You Suck At Math

    Some people are great at math. You, however, are not one of those people.

    1. An equation literally makes the left side of your brain collapse.

    2. If a test was too easy, you must haved failed.

    3. You have no idea how to calculate a tip.

    4. This seems right to you.

    5. This acronym perfectly describes your life.

    6. The mere thought of a test sends you into a panic.

    7. You can't recognize Roman numerals when the Super Bowl rolls around.

    8. You don't know what to think when you actually get a problem right.

    9. This is the only thing you know how to do on a graphing calculator.

    10. And this.

    11. You envy your friends who are math wizards.

    12. It was so much easier to you when it was just numbers.

    13. You walked away from exams secure in the knowledge that you'd get a horrible grade.

    14. Before doing your taxes you seriously consider the grades you used to get in math.

    15. Counting is not your forte.

    16. You chose a major based on the number of math classes you wouldn't have to take.

    17. You probably even chose a career that doesn't involve much math at all.

    18. Word problems confuse you.

    19. You can't stand math puns.

    20. When something is "30%" off you have to rack your brain to figure out the actual cost.

    21. Basically, math is a nightmare.