20 Things Extroverts Love

“It was such a fun weekend. I have so much to tell you.”

1. Having to choose between multiple weekend plans.

Birthdays, sports, and it’s a holiday weekend??? YES!

2. Knowing that party hopping is always an option.

“We’re going to 5 functions tonight.”

3. Happy Hour after work.

Half off drinks and appetizers? Let’s go.

4. Hanging out with your friends whenever you have free time.

Who wants to be alone when you can cuddle.

5. Being on a team project for work or school.

6. Shopping with friends.

Who else is going to stop you from making dumb purchases?

7. Having a drink at that new bar in the neighborhood.

NBC / Via dailyedge.ie

Because everybody is going to be there.

8. Speed dating.

Oh, the people you’ll meet.

9. Being the life of the party.

10. Group exercise classes.

Uh, anyone want to go to yoga in the park?

11. Always introducing yourself first.

No awkward silence here.

12. Saying exactly what’s on your mind.

You have no filter.

13. Laughing hysterically with friends.

And having people around you wonder…What’s so funny?

14. Hosting meetings.

15. Talking on the phone, instead of calling or texting.

16. Having a large group of friends and acquaintances.

Well maybe your not that close to your 2,576 Facebook friends.

17. Helping your introverted friends be more sociable.

Talking is good.

18. Car rides with your buddies.

19. Getting excited when you hang out with like minded friends.

20. People!

Most people are actually a combination of extrovert and introvert tendencies.

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