20 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Cat

Oh you love cats too? We…we can be friends.

1. Your cats grooming costs more then your haircut.

2. Becoming a crazy cat lady doesn’t scare you.

Fox / Via forum.ea.com

3. You know you’ll find love with someone equally as obsessed as you.

Fox / Via forum.ea.com

4. You scoff when people suggest it’s better to be a dog person.

You got to be kitten me!

5. You consider your cats children and address them as so.

6. Most of your instragram pics include your feline.


7. You dress them up for holidays.

Santa Claws.

8. You’ve been known to take them out on the town for an adventure.

Possibly wearing a leash, which they probably hated. BUT IT WAS SO CUTE.

9. You celebrate their birthday.

Nothing better then cat and cake.

10. It annoys you when someone refers to your cat as “it.”

Cats are people, too. Have a little respect.

11. You’ve been known to cook extra of whatever you’re having specifically for your cat.

No more Fancy Feast for your feline. Fluffy deserves only the best!

12. Your take them with you on vacation and family holidays.

13. You have regular conversations, even though they never respond.

At least not vocally.

14. You can’t bear the thought of losing them.

Stop, just stop.

15. You make up songs about them and sing their praises. Literally.

16. You give them your last name along with countless nicknames.

Jinx, Jinxsters, Jinxy….

17. You have Skyped or Facetimed with them in the frame.


18. You’ve considered breaking up with your significant other because they don’t get along with your cat.

He has got to go.

19. You’ve made them a Facebook account or fanpage.

Interests include lounging in bathroom sinks, chasing strings, and scratching on doors at 3am.

20. You can literally feel the love.

And that’s why cats are awesome!!!

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