20 Everyday Things Everybody Hates Doing

You’ve never been good at the dailiness of daily life.

1. Washing Dishes.

Nickelodeon / Via molempire.com

Does anybody actually enjoy doing this?

2. Pumping gas.

If only the magic gas fairy would fill your car up for you.

3. Wearing a bra.

Bravo / Via tumblr.com

If only you cold move to a bra-less country.

4. Wearing pants.

The worst part of your day is when you have to put on pants and face the world.

5. Choosing where to eat lunch.

Breakfast and dinner are so easy. Lunch??? Not so much.

6. Small talk.

HBO / Via uproxx.com

Just skip straight to big talk or no talking at all.

7. Walking up or down stairs.

FOX / Via gifsoup.com

It’s both tiring and dangerous.

8. Making your hair presentable.

Disney / Via rtvgames.com

If only we all had Disney Princess hair.

9. Getting ready for bed.

Hasbro / Via sarahsmith.com.au

Getting ready for bed is the worst. You don’ t like waking up late, but you don’t like going to bed either.

10. Ironing.


11. Taking out the trash.

Yeah, it can wait.

12. Cooking.

To be fair, a lot of people actually enjoy cooking, but most enjoy eating even more.

13. Getting out of bed.

Can I just stay here forever?

14. Laundry.

If only there were 365 sets of clothes washing would only occur once a year.

15. Having to get up from watching TV.

20th Century Fox / Via thestockmasters.com

Because you’re comfortable dammit!

16. Homework.

Whether for school or your job the words “home”+”work” together have always been evil.

17. Folding laundry.

It’s perfectly fine to have a clean and dirty pile.

18. Getting up to go to the bathroom.

Tiny bladders interrupt everything.

19. Charging your phone.

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

20. Making your bed.

It’s going to get undone anyway.

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