20 Awkward Moments That Only Occur In Cars

Because picking your nose is so much worse if you get caught.

1. Getting caught singing.

Voltage Pictures / Via funnyjunk.com

Just play it cool.

2. Or picking your nose.

A little booger sugar.

3. Awkward eye contact at traffic lights.

With Shia LaBeouf.

4. Ending up in a compromising situation because you were texting.

Don’t text while driving.

5. Having an excessively messy vehicle. Inside.

It’s a one seater.

7. In fact it may be so soiled that it provides an art canvas.

8. ….

A true work of art.

9. Freaking out when someone behind you makes the same turn and you automatically assume that they’re following you.

10. Dozing off at the wheel.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via theridernews.com

11. Don’t do it.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via real4reel.blogspot.com

Pull over and take a nap. Falling asleep at the wheel is extremely dangerous.

12. Be confronted by someone with road rage.

13. Having your own irrational road rage.

Disney / Via galgata.cl

14. Getting honked at for putting on makeup in your car.

And totally messing it up.

15. Having a broken down car, and no idea as to what the hell you’re doing.

16. That moment of terror when the cops turn their lights on.

Then experiencing a sigh of relief when they zoom by you.

17. Riding around too long with an ugly/skinny spare.

18. Forgetting to turn on your headlamps.

19. Accidently leaving your blinker on.

For several miles.

20. It’s ok. You judge every other driver anyway.

Be safe out there!

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