18 Fantasy Disney Wedding Venues You Wish Were Real

For the fairytale wedding everybody deserves.

1. Elsa’s Ice Palace, Frozen

Disney / Via rotoscopers.com

Beautiful built-in ice sculptures, plus drinks and food will already be chilled.

2. Pride Rock, Lion King

Disney / Via lioking.org

Fantastic outdoor venue with a wonderful view of the African savannah. Wildlife sold separately.

3. Hundred Acre Woods, Winnie the Pooh

Disney / Via static.cotecine.fr

Beautiful outdoor wooded venue for a wilderness wedding. Set on a sprawling 100 acres. Great summertime venue!

4. The Meadow, Sleeping Beauty

A peaceful environmentally friendly setting.

5. Palace Ballroom, Beauty and The Beast

Disney / Via disney.wikia.com

Incredible location will marble floors, high vaulted ceilings, an attentive kitchen staff, and featuring a grand piano.

6. The Garden, Mulan

Peaceful place with natural floral arrangements, cherry blossoms, and a reflective pool.

7. The Lake Beneath the Lanterns, Tangled

Disney / Via skylanterns2u.com

Romance, just plain romance.

8. The Sultan’s Palace, Aladdin

Disney / Via majesticinvites.com

This is the jewel of an empire. Everything is composed of imported marble, and no matter how big your party their will be ample space.

9. Wedding Ship, The Little Mermaid

It’s as if it is built specifically for a wedding. Great for tying the knot at sea, plus all the fresh seafood you can handle.

10. Spiral Hill, Nightmare Before Christmas

A great hilltop location for a moonlit wedding. This unique land feature is an amazing place for a Gothic themed event.

11. Library, Beauty and the Beast

Another one from Beauty and the Beast in a lovely scholarly setting.

12. Scottish Castle, Brave

Disney / Via aniel4d.com

A lovely medieval Scottish castle on a hill overlooking a lake. What better place for a queen to marry her king than a castle?

13. Notre Dame Cathedral, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Yes, Notre Dame cathedral does actually exist, but it’s probably not easy to host a wedding there.)

Huge custom stained glass windows in a venue that is centuries old. It also happens to be the most famous cathedral in the world.

14. Neverland, Peter Pan

Beautiful tropical locale for a destination wedding. Oh, and you’ll never get old or grow up if you decide to stay. Pretty enticing.

15. La Bouff Mansion, Princess and the Frog

Disney / Via fanpop.com

Good destination for a traditional Southern wedding. Live jazz band and great regional cuisine to boot.

16. Olympus, Hercules

DIsney / Via personal.psu.edu

A heavenly venue set atop a mountain. Fit for a Greek god.

17. Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood

Moonlight with fireflies and a creek. It doesn’t get much more romantic.

18. Castle Ballroom, Cinderella

Disney / Via rebloggy.com

Because who wouldn’t want to get married in a castle?

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