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14 Disney Princes Who Are Just Like Some Of The Guys You've Dated

In today's dating scene, who wouldn't want to go out with an actual prince?

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1. Aladdin ("Aladdin") - The guy from the wrong side of the tracks

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He may not come from the right side of town or have the right family. Heck, he might even have a criminal background and have stolen a few things in the past with his monkey of a best friend. Your family and friends despise him, as his social standing doesn't match yours. However, he does have ambition and the right friends to really take him places.

This pauper will be a prince someday.

(from Aladdin to Prince Ali)

2. Prince Eric ("The Little Mermaid") - The hopeless romantic

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This guy fell head over heels the moment he saw you. His passion for you started since the moment you met and he's everything you could possibly want. He'll sit down to watch rom-coms and always gets you flowers for the big occasions. He's intense, but so is the relationship.

3. John Smith ("Pocahontas") - Trouble

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" I knew you were trouble when you walked in" He's dangerous. His good looks and personality draw you in, but you know this guy is going to hurt you in the long run. He has other intentions, and you don't know what they are, but they don't involve you. All your friends warn you about him. Instincts tell you no, yet you can't resit. It is going to be a world of hurt when this guy's true intentions come to fruit.


4. Quasimodo ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame) - The Friend

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Well he's not really a prince, and may not be the best looking guy but he is a great friend. He might drops hints on how you and him should be together, but he just doesn't do it for you. You are used to declining subtle invites to dates and dinners. His persistence may get the better of you and you decide to go out with him anyway.

Two things can happen; this could either end up being the love of your life, or a total disaster.

5. Tarzan ("Tarzan") The Hippie

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This guy marches to the beat of his own drummer. He is at peace alone and spends most of his time in the wilderness. He is constantly shirtless and untamed which is a huge part of his appeal. However, if you want to spend a considerable amount of time with him you have to pick up outdoor activities as to ( hiking, camping, rock climbing etc.) If you can you might experience nature in a whole new way ;)

WARNING: He probably doesn't not shower that often so personal hygiene may be an issue.

6. Peter Pan ("Peter Pan") - The guy who never wants to grow up

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He loves to do fun stuff, but would much rather hang out with his (immature) friends. A blast to hang out with, but his immaturity, fear of commitment, and shunning of responsibility are a huge turn off. He'd rather hang our with his Never Land friends then spend a quiet night at home streaming Netflix.

Not to mentioned his closest girlfriend obviously has a huge crush on him.

7. Li Shang (Mulan) - The Military Guy

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Handsome, strong, and a patriot. What's not to like? Every girl is a sucker for a man in uniform. This guy is the quintessential alpha male and comes from a family tradition of service. However, a lot of time spent away from home to fulfill his obligations makes things tough.

His commitment to duty are the best and worst things about him.


8. Prince Charming ("Cinderealla") - Mr. Perfect

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This guy is everything you could want in man: caring, understanding, compassionate and a true gentlemen. I mean his last name is "Charming." However, he may be a stage 5 clinger. Obsessing over someone after only meeting them once is a little creepy. This is a high risk high rewards project.

Oh, he is obsessed with finding the right fit for a shoe so he may or may not have a foot fetish :/

9. Prince Florian ("Snow White) - The Pretty Boy

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He's pretty, really pretty and that might actually be a bad thing. His hair is nicer then yours and his outfits are well put together. Along with his ruby red lips you might have felt like the ugly one in the relationship.

A guy this gorgeous may actually have you questioning your own looks, and self esteem. He's nice to look at almost to the point of a fault.

10. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast") - The arrogant jock

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Also not an actual prince, but he's got looks and muscles to match. He's great at hunting and outdoor activities. A true man's man. Women want him and men want to be him. The only problem is he's more in love wit himself then anyone else. Huge biceps are nothing compared to his enormous ego. It's a chore going out with this guy because all he talks about is himself.

11. Prince Naveen ("The Princess and The Frog") - The Playboy

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He is in constant pursuit of a good time, whether its chasing ladies or just being irresponsible. He is usually accompanied by good looks and money. It is a tall task tying down this one.

12. Simba ("The Lion King") - The one who is destined for greatness

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Big things are in his future. Maybe he's taking over his fathers old position or readying himself at school or work for something really big. A guy like this has all the framework to truly be something special. If you stick with him thorough his insecurities and fears you may get to share in the benefits of his future success.

13. Kuzco ( "The Emperors New Groove") - The goofy guy


Quirky, goofy, and funny? This gent is all of the above. He's a laugh but with all that humor and joking it gets impossible just to keep up. The mile-a-minute non-stop jokes and antics wear you out.

It is also impossible to get close to him to find out what he's really about because he's never serious.

14. Prince Adam ("Beauty and Beast") - The work in progress

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He may not seem great at first, but a little dedication and effort might go a long way. This guy with a troubled past is a work in progress. Old issues have taken him to a place in life that he is not happy with. If you stick out this "project" you may end up with a diamond in the rough that was worth all the time you put in.

His initial appearance doesn't fool you. This ugly ducking will turn into a sexy swan.

Beside who wouldn't want to be with an actual beast?

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