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This Naval Officer Is An Instagram Sensation Due To His Dashing Looks And Luscious Locks

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Lasse Matberg is a 6'6' lieutenant with the Royal Norwegian Navy and a sports officer at the NATO Joint Warfare Center. But in addition to serving his country, Matberg has one very noticeable and distinguishing characteristic...

A lot of people think he's hot AF!!!!!

Matberg has amassed more than 124,000 followers on his Instagram account so far.

In addition to his military and Instagram stardom, Matberg told BuzzFeed News that he went to a culinary institute after high school and is a fully licensed chef. He also holds a bachelor's degree in personal training and sports nutrition, which helps keep his fitness levels up to Royal Norwegian Navy standards.

He went on to say that it all started with him just posting personal pics to his account. Other accounts shared his pics, and his presence quickly grew online.

Many of the photos feature him in his navy uniform...

...while others show him enjoying some time at the beach.

Other photos display his competitive side, like this one taken at a Tough Mudder obstacle race.

But he's not all aggression and grit — look at him cuddle a cute little dog.


His signature beard and man bun are featured stars on his Instagram.

But there's also the clean-cut #tbt photo.

Naturally, the comments section is flooded with words of praise and admiration.

So whether he's in civilian clothes...

...or in military garb...

...this real-life Thor is sure to continue killing it on Instagram.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Matberg for comment.

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