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People Are Going Nuts Trying To Find The Pair Of Missing Legs In This Picture

Where the hell are they?

A few days ago, Reddit user jr0d7771 posted this photo of a group of women posing in a place that is obviously–pro Green Bay Packers.

The photo seems straightforward enough until you realize that there are six women but only five pairs of legs.

Which begs the question: Where are the missing legs in middle?

The photo has divided people with all kinds of answers on the Reddit thread, ranging from the woman in the middle having her legs broken, to someone even suggesting that she is some kind of couch-centaur monster. / Getty

When you trace the two women in the middle the answer becomes apparent. The third woman with the wine glass has her body tilted toward the camera, which make it seem as if her legs belong to the woman to the left of her. The first two women also are wearing black jeans, which makes it seem like the second woman is wearing light blue jeans. / Via Pablo Valdivia

If you overexpose the photo, you can see the two different shades of black jeans the first two women are wearing.


So to reiterate, the first two women are wearing black jeans and have their legs close together, which makes it look like one pair of legs and creates the illusion that the woman in the middle doesn't have any legs at all.

  1. So do you think that explains it?

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So do you think that explains it?
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    Yes, I can clearly see six pairs of legs now.
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    No, I have no idea where the third woman's legs are.
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    I think there is another explanation.
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    These are all wrong, and the middle woman is clearly a couch-centaur with her friends sitting on her back.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the poster to give this photo more context.

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