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A Vanity Fair Photo Of Late-Night TV Hosts Is Getting Quite A Response From People

The reaction was, shall we say, nonplussed.

Earlier today, Vanity Fair tweeted this picture of the current "titans" of late-night television, linking to an article featuring interviews with all the hosts.

We talked to all the titans of late-night television, and found out why it's better than ever

Needless to say, people had some questions about the photo.

@VanityFair hmm can't put my finger on what this picture needs

Some asked an obvious one.

@VanityFair @MatthewACherry where are the women?

This user took a literal approach to the term "sausage fest."

@VanityFair is it because dressing room sword fights? such total sausage fest. wow!

Some commented on the diversity in the photo.

@VanityFair 2 black men and one checkered suit. Diversity accomplished! 😒

Others photoshopped their ideal version of the photo.

Huh. RT @VanityFair: We talked to all the titans of late-night television, and found out why it’s better than ever

.@VanityFair You forgot the newest addition to late-night television, so I updated your photo. #UpLateWithMissPiggy

People also found it odd that Trevor Noah, who isn't even hosting The Daily Show yet, still got a spot in the shoot. That's a privilege that wasn't extended to Samantha Bee and Chelsea Handler, who also have upcoming shows.

I can’t quite figure out why Samantha Bee, who has an upcoming show (like Trevor Noah) on TBS (like Conan), isn’t in that Vanity Fair pic.

Kinda confused as to y Vanity Fair didn't talk to Sam Bee & Chelsea Handler, who start up Late Nighters next yr.

Speaking of, Samantha Bee (who will be hosting Full Frontal With Samantha Bee next year on TBS) tweeted out this subtle little edit.

While other people were just straight up.

@VanityFair it's great to see so much diversity. It's inspiring that so many different white men get a chance to be represented for once!

This question was simply one word.


@VanityFair All straight dudes. There are more guys named James/Jimmy than black guys.