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    The "Trashtag Challenge" Is A Wonderful Viral Trend That Has People Picking Up Trash Everywhere

    A viral challenge we can all get behind.

    Hashtag challenges are as varied as they are weird, but some can actually be wonderful.

    #trashtag seems to be trending. This one's from Nepal 🇳🇵

    Over the weekend, one called the “Trashtag Challenge” went viral. The challenge consists of before pictures of areas full of litter and trash heaps and after pictures of what they look like cleaned up. People then share the photos on social media with the hashtag #trashtag.

    The tag now has several people all over the world on Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter sharing photos bagging trash and cleaning up litter.

    #trashtag #TrashChallenge Picking up around Clifton with UCMC!

    The initial trend started in 2015 when an outdoor lighting company called UCO created the hashtag to encourage people to pick up after themselves while out in the wilderness.

    The current tag features people cleaning trash on roadsides...

    Decided to pick up trash for my birthday and filled up 4 bags #20 #trashtag


    Usually I’m against doing good deeds just to post it online but in the case of #trashtag i am 100% for it, if that’s what it takes. Good people are good.

    ...and even while on vacation.

    Many of the before and after pics show quite a difference.

    Here's from Nagaland, India. Students from #tetsocollege with the #trashtag movement! #ChallengeAccepted #TrashChallenge #trashtag challenge

    A lot of people are taking pride in cleaning up these areas and rightfully so!

    Before and after. Makeup and clothes dumped near Moston Brook, now cleaned up 😀#litterpick #TrashTag


    I don't have a before-and-after picture, but here's a couple of pictures of me with my family picking up trash from the road side whenever we made a rest stop. #trashtag

    This is one challenge the earth will love you for.

    Have you or someone you know participated in the Trashtag Challenge? If so please share your pics in the comments.