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This Woman Dealt With An Abusive Relationship By Taking Pics Of Her Dog

"I love every moment out adventuring with Kyro. It brings me peace and happiness."

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Four years ago, Tromp was in relationship that became abusive, she told BuzzFeed.

She said it started off with emotional abuse, and then escalated to physical violence.

At the time, Tromp felt like there was no way to escape the situation.

Over the course of volunteering, she saw an ad on Craigslist from a dog owner pleading for people to help with a newborn litter of puppies.

The mom had given birth to nine puppies, but had abandoned them, and the owner needed help.

Over time the two grew close, and Tromp said Kyro has been a huge help in her recovery.


"Kyro has been a huge healing and support for me," she said. "During the abuse he would come to me and cuddle with me while I cried. Our walks and hikes were my only breath of fresh air when everything was so bad with my ex."

Their relationship and her love of photography helped Tromp find healing and strength. She eventually left her abusive partner, and dived deep into photography.

She now documents their adventures together in a photo project called "Goldilocks and the Wolf." The project has its own Facebook and Instagram pages, and took its name from a nickname Tromp's mom gave her because of her curly blonde hair.


Tromp plans to continue pursuing photography, and hopes the photos with Kyro will inspire others in similar situations:

I really hope to bring light to domestic abuse. It's a topic that is not often discussed as it is difficult for people to hear about and hard for survivors to talk about.

I really hope to inspire those that have been, or are currently in the situation I was- to see that there's a positive after all the negative.

That you can find happiness and rebuild yourself. I hope that by bringing this topic out that it'll make it easier for survivors and those currently in relationships like this — to speak out and share their stories.

"I hope [by sharing] to inspire people to get out with their animals," she said. "I love every moment out adventuring with Kyro. It brings me peace and happiness."


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