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People Are Loving This Woman's Mirror Finish Cakes

Almost too good to eat. Almost.

Olga Noskova is a cake maker from Ufa, Russia who has a big Instagram following for one very particular reason.

The cakes she makes are incredibly unique.

I mean, look at them.

They're essentially flawless!

Noskova told BuzzFeed News that she holds a degree in economics has always enjoyed baking, and started doing it professionally in March 2015.

Since then she's made several cakes and posts pictures of them to her account. She says the people's general reactions are a mix of joy and amazement.

She features a variety of work, such as this glossy, marble-like delight...

Or this broken blue heart with a sparkling multicolored filling.

Look at this perfectly purple creamy delight.

Even the insides of the cakes reveal perfect placement.

In fact, the finishes are so shiny they capture reflections.

See what I mean?

Not all of Noskova's cakes are glossy designs, such as this nutmeg-colored treat...

...or this white and baby-blue creation with remarkable attention to detail.

The account also features some behind-the-scenes videos of the cake-making process in action.

Will you look at that?

Naturally, a lot of people really like her work.

And it's not that hard to see why.

These desserts truly take the cake.