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This Video Shows A Cricket Being Pulled Out Of A Man's Ear

Your worst fears have been realized.

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A recent video shows a cricket being removed from a man's ear.

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This video, which came out last year, just recently went viral and was apparently shot in India. It features a man who went to the doctor with complaints about itchiness in his ear.

At the beginning of the video the cricket's legs can be seen twitching inside the man's ear. The doctor waits for just the right moment and pulls the insect out with a set of tweezers.

Once out it can be seen that the live cricket is nearly as big as the man's ear.

Michael Sweet a professor at the University of Derby told the Daily Star Online that the insect is an Indian house cricket.

Sweet said: "These critters are known to be an invasive species, appearing all over the globe.

He added that: "It is likely this cricket crawled into the man's ear while he was sleeping and was just hiding there until night came around. This beastie will have just been uncomfortable for the victim. However, it could possibly have done some damage to the inner-ear which would have resulted in temporary balance and hearing issues."

Now nightmares will run through your head the next time your ear itches.

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