This Adopted "Vampire" Cat Will Warm Your Heart With Adorable Evil

    A feline you can really sink your teeth into.

    She's an adorable cat with a very unique face.

    The way her teeth and jaw are positioned makes her look like she has vampire fangs.

    Loki has a growing social following managed by her companion, Kaet.

    Kaet said on Instagram that when she adopted Loki from the shelter, they didn't give her many details about the cat's looks.

    Her cute "vampire" appearance has garnered nearly 15,000 followers by the time of this writing, and plenty of likes.

    Loki's face may be scarily adorable, but she has a twinkle in her eyes...

    And a smile on her face.

    Loki has even inspired fan art...

    ...that has come from all across the world.

    @loki_kitteh lovey loki.thanks nice cat

    She's not all fangs and smiles. She has a pretty good resting bitchface as well.

    Loki's following is sure to grow.

    ’Cause who can resist a face like this?

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