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This Toddler Defended His Grandmother From Authorities With A Huge Metal Pipe

“Don’t touch my grandma! Go away, don’t touch my grandma!”

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A video of a toddler defending his grandmother in a marketplace in China has received A LOT of attention recently.

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In the video, the unnamed boy approaches a group of Chengguan in a marketplace. (The Chengguan are urban management and code enforcers in China.) The grandmother's setup was allegedly taking up too much sidewalk space.

The boy tenaciously screams, “Don’t touch my grandma! Go away, don’t touch my grandma!” as onlookers film and chuckle at his aggression.

At one point, the boy is ushered to a coach by an official, but quickly fends him off with arm strikes.

According the People's Daily Online, the video has been shared on Chinese social network Weibo, garnering thousands of views and praise for his actions.

Don't mess with this kid's grandma.

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