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This Teen Came Out Of The Closet With A Hilarious Yearbook Quote

"Just be you."

Maxwell Barrett just might have one of the greatest yearbook quotes of all time.

The 18-year-old from Raritan High School in Hazlet, New Jersey, tweeted out his picture along a quote publicly that revealed his sexuality this past Tuesday. The picture and quote gained a lot of attention, and have over 5,000 retweets to date.

Barrett was inspired by a quote he saw on Tumblr, and rephrased it.This quote to me was a way that I could tell my parents "Hey, I'm gay!" in the easiest way possible, he told BuzzFeed. He was already out to his friends, and used the quote to come out to his parents. "It was just more of a confirmation than a coming-out story," he added.

Many people have taken to Twitter to show their support for him.

@maxxbarrett this just made my day. You're fucking awesome hahahaa

@maxxbarrett true inspiration for millions

@maxxbarrett inspirational. There are those out there considering exactly what you did. You are feeding confidence to them all. Bravo!

Bartlett also tweeted out this response to express his amazement of the overwhelming response.

What a crazy few days! All over the WORLD my quote has reached and the love and support is so amazing. Just be you.

Barrett plans to move to L.A. in the fall to attend college.