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    This Photographer Puts Dogs And People Side By Side And The Resemblance Is Super Cute

    So doggone cute.

    Gerrard Gethings is a a professional photographer based in London who has a love for animals. And whenever he photographs them, he always takes special care to capture their complex characters.

    One day, Gethings was at a park and noticed a bearded man with a schnauzer who looked strikingly alike. This inspired Gethings to act on an idea he had of a photo series of owners and pets that look like each other.

    Gethings started the search by looking for dogs first. Once he found the dogs, he sought out people that had a similar look.

    In the studio, he created an environment where he controlled as many things as possible like lighting and poses.

    He would always start shooting the dogs first, and then have the people mimic their style and poses.

    The results are fun, flashy, and downright adorable.

    Gethings photographed 50 dog/people pairs total, and turned it into a board game called "Do You Look Like Your Dog"?

    The images from the game started circulating a week ago and have since gone viral all over the world.

    Gethings was pleasantly surprised, and said the reaction to the photo series has been "staggering." And now he even might try to have an exhibit up-and-running before Christmas.

    He went on to tell BuzzFeed that he hopes "the game starts a conversation. It is very light hearted and an idea that is familiar to everyone. Many people, completely unsolicited, have been sending me pictures of themselves with their dog."

    For more of Gethings work, checkout his website and Instagram page.