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    This Man's 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation Has People Making Disney Prince Comparisons

    Prince Adam, is that you?

    A few weeks ago 26-year-old Jeffrey Kendall from Torrington, Connecticut, shared a personal transformation photo to Reddit. The pics showed a significant change in Kendall's appearance as he lost 70 pounds over the course of two years.

    Thousands of people commented on his transformation pics expressing their support.

    Many of the comments were about his hair, which is utterly amazing, and his uncanny resemblance to a Disney prince. He even had some fun with the concept by striking a Prince Adam pose on his personal Instagram.

    Kendall's transformation journey is truly inspiring, but it certainly wasn't easy.

    He told BuzzFeed that it all started when he was going to a rough period in his life.

    "I reached a new low in health both mentally and physically. My mom was coming home from a rehabilitation center after having suffered a traumatic brain injury seven months prior. My world was filled with emotion as I felt I sat idly by. My friend also happened to be motivated at the time and got me committed to my first of many workouts to come."

    Jeffrey Kendall

    Motivated, Kendall started out his two-year journey.

    The process was slow and steady. I started with doing pushups and going for walks. The walks became jogs and soon I found workouts on YouTube to add to my routine. I adjusted my diet and counted calories. I tried to live a life of moderation and hold myself in a manner of the person I wanted to be.

    There's always some hunger and motivation challenges that with these things but I was never too strict on my diet and my appetite adjusted with time. As for motivation, with the emotion surrounding my mom, it made motivation for workouts much easier to find.

    Since his transformation photos have gone viral Kendall said he's received an incredible amount of support from both strangers and his family. He stated that all the positivity he's received continues to fuel his motivation.

    He added that he hopes people can take something postive from his experience. He plans to keep moving forward, and is looking to pursue modeling in the future. "I hope people can have a good day. I hope they can appreciate the moment and find happiness in their lives. I hope people will find love for each other in this ever-growing divisive world. My plan is to continue the pursuit of happiness."

    Oh, and is case you were wondering about his hair routine β€” Kendall is mindful and tries not to damage it, he also conditions every day, and washes every five to seven days.