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    This Lion’s Battle with 20 Attacking Hyenas Is An Intense Sight To Behold


    BBC Earth recently released this intense footage of a lion figthing off a pack of 20 hyenas.

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    The video starts off when a lion named Red unintentionally wanders alone into the territory of a group of hyenas.

    He is quickly surrounded by the pack that numbers over 20.

    They aggressively attack him coming in from all sides with the goal wearing him down.

    In an ongoing struggle, Red repeatedly defends himself against one hyena while the others attack him from behind.

    It soon becomes clear that Red is getting tired and won't be able to fend off the pack much longer.

    Just at the moment when Red is about to be completely overtaken another lion named Tatu shows up to save the day.

    The pack of hyenas not wanting to take on two male lions quickly backs off.

    Red and Tatu then warmingly nudge each other as it's clear they are now safe.

    Nature in action is both gripping and intense.