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    This Kid Was Furious When He Got The Wrong Present For Christmas

    "You bought me 2K15 instead of 2K16!"

    Twitter user @_mayraduarte_ uploaded a video, which appears to have been deleted from her account, of a child throwing a tantrum over getting the wrong video game for Christmas.

    "You bought me 2K15 instead of 2K16," the boy says in the video, which was later posted to YouTube. Watch it here:

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    The unidentified boy is visibly upset that he got WWE 2K15 instead of WWE 2K16. While the boy angrily complains about the mishap, a voice off camera says, "They were out of stock."

    Many people on Twitter blasted the child for being selfish, while others were just entertained by his reaction.

    @_mayraduarte_ that really just made my night😂😂😂💀💀

    Luckily, the WWE 2K Twitter account got wind of the boy's reaction, and it looks like he might be getting the 2016 version after all.

    .@_mayraduarte_, give us a follow so we can DM. We might be able to help out here ;)

    It's a WWE Christmas miracle!