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This Is What The Cast Of "Clueless" Looks Like Now

They are literally the polaroid of perfection.

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Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz

Fun fact: Silverstone has been a vegan since 1998 because of her love for animals. She is an outspoken member of PETA, best-selling author, and has even set up an animal sanctuary in Los Angeles.

Stacey Dash as Dionne Davenport

Fun fact: Dash was 28 when when she played the role of a teenage Dionne in 1995. Earlier this year she signed on as a contributor to Fox News, and has always openly vocalized her political beliefs.


Donald Faison as Murray Duvall

Fun fact: Faison, along with Stacey Dash and Elisa Donovan, reprised his role as Murray on the television version of Clueless. He is also a huge Star Wars fan.

Dan Hedaya as Mel Horowitz

Fun fact: Hedaya has had a long career in both film and television. Aside from Clueless he has also been in The Usual Suspects, A Night at the Roxbury, and Mullholland Drive.

Brittany Murphy, who played Tai Frasier, has been omitted due to her death in 2009.