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This Is How Ridiculous Casual Sexism Sounds To Most People

"Before you talk about how you discovered the cure for both HIV and cancer, the viewers are dying to know: What are you wearing?"

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YouTube group Girl Pants Production has put together a video showing examples of how ridiculous gender inequality really is.

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The sketch is the most recent in a series that includes what anti-vaxxers sound like and what homophobic people sound like.

Alex Hluch, the group's producer and director, told BuzzFeed News that they make these videos to show how absurd the other side sounds.

"Many people scoff at the idea that gender inequality exists, even when presented with hard facts and statistics," he said. "If the idea of women being treated equally to men aggravates you, then there's something very wrong with your sense of empathy and compassion."

The sketch looks to point out "cultural elements that we think are most absurd."

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“The fact that there is even a debate on whether or not women should be treated equally is insane to me,” the L.A.-based director said.

One scene cleverly addresses the gender wage gap by comparing it to a cell phone battery.

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Amy Schumer's recent work, humorously tackling topics like pop culture's butt obsession and the pressure on women to wear makeup, was the inspiration for the video, Hluch told BuzzFeed News.

"I started seeing episode after episode of Amy Schumer where she brilliantly skewered dozens of topics with absolute ease," he said. "I knew I had to just sit down and focus on the issue."

Comedy has served as a useful tool for Hluch to express himself. He said: "It's always been my first impetus to lash out at things that I think are insane."

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He added that their goal is to bring about some social progress: "The hope is if we can make people laugh at an abhorrent situation, they're more likely to do something about it and work towards a change."

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